Backyard Birds

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Do you share your morning cup of coffee with your birds feeding outside your window? Do Do you have a a great bird feeder set up that attracts many different types of birds? Have you planted bird friendly bushes, flowers? Come chat with us.

Up for discussion- seed mixes, variants, bird feeders, binoculars, and the geeky peace you get when you watch "your" birds. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Hummingbird in larkspur  photo flag
Number 42: Bald Eagle!  topic
birds in back yard  topic
Help identifying this bird?  topic
baby bird  topic
Oak Titmouse  photo flag
Dark-eyed Junco  photo flag
Anna's Humming Bird  photo flag
Mystery Bird  topic
Mystery Bird - Portland, Oregon  photo flag
Quail  topic
My friend Flicker  topic
love the birds but don't create dependency  topic
seasons  topic
Great Horned Owls!  topic
Your backyard  topic
....and a Magpie wake!  topic
Cross-species feeding  topic
Towhee  topic
eurasian collared doves  photo flag
a couple of eurasian collared doves  photo flag
Wow! Gotta share this!  topic
unusual birds present or missing?  topic
raptor story  topic
A starling raid...  topic

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